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Prototyping Board for Raspberry Pi Zero

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    Bare PCB for Prototyping on Raspberry Pi Zero

    Move your breadboard project to this prototyping board, which perfectly fits onto Raspberry Pi Zero.  This prototyping board can also be used on A+, B+, Pi 2, and Pi 3 as half-size header board.  With little soldering work, you can pack your project nicely on a Raspberry Pi and make it look professional!

    The high quality HASL PCB finishing is easier for hand soldering than gold plated or immersion gold PCB finishing.  A 40-pin GPIO female header is included for stacking on Raspberry Pi Zero board.


    • 164 holes of prototyping area

    • 4 rows of 6 connected holes for power rails and other purposes

    • Silkscreen marking for 40-pin Pi Header reference 

    • High quality HASL PCB finishing

    • D0.9mm drill holes and D1.9mm pad size

    * Raspberry Pi Zero shown in the photos is for illustrative purpose only and is not included in this offer.  The GPIO header comes as a kit and requires soldering, unless the soldered option is chosen.


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