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3rd Gen - Stackable USB Hub for Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 (Compatible with Raspberry PiZero W / 2W)

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    This is a 3rd Gen! A Form Fitting USB Hub for Raspberry Pi Zero W!

    Raspberry Pi Zero only comes with a single micro USB (OTG) port, forcing you to use a traditional USB HUB if you want to connect multiple USB peripherals to it.  The whole set is bulky and inconvenient to carry around.

    The Stackable USB Hub for Raspberry Pi Zero is the perfect way to expand the connectivity of the Raspberry Pi Zero and add keyboards, mice, WiFi dongles, Ethernet adapters and other USB devices.  No wires and no soldering work needed.  Simply mount the Stackable USB Hub under the Pi Zero using the bundled spacers, screws, bolts, and the Pi Zero will get 4 new USB 2.0 ports!.  The Stackable USB Hub has been carefully designed with custom-made parts, so Pi Zero fits and stacks nicely on top on it.  It also has built-in a 2-way back-powering circuit to protect against power being plugged into the Pi Zero and the Stackable USB Hub simultaneously.

    USB peripherals can be power hungry.  Grab an optional 5V 2.4A micro USB wall charger with 1.5M micro USB cable with power switch to ensure enough juice to power your projects.



    Compatible with the latest Pi Zero v1.3 and PiZero W / 2W!! 

    • Modified spring loaded pogo pin locations to support the latest Pi Zero v1.3 (the one with the camera port) and Pi Zero W / Pi Zero 2 W(with built-in WiFi)

    • USB port position rearrangements to provide best adaptability to USB devices in different sizes.

    • Pogo pins and the four supporting poles have been elongated to further increase the headroom between the Pi Zero board and the USB hub board, hence, longer header pins are allowed for the Pi Zero header. 

    • This stackable USB hub design is NOT compatible with the older Pi Zero v1.2 (the one without the camera port).  If you are looking for the hub version compatible with Pi Zero v1.2, check out the 2nd Gen Stackable USB Hub.


    • 4-Port USB 2.0 Plug-and-Play Hub

    • Compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices

    • USB 2.0 High Speed, transfer rate up to 480Mbps

    • Gold-plated and low-resistance spring-loaded pogo pins

    • Bus-powered from Pi Zero, or powered externally via the Hub's micro-USB port

    • Support maximum 2.3A current if powered by external USB charger

    • Over current protection and LED indication if power rail draws more than 2.3A

    • 2-way back-power protection circuitry on Pi Zero connection path

    * Raspberry Pi Zero shown in the photos is for illustrative purpose only and is not included in this offer.

    * Make sure the 4 pogo pins on the Hub Hat sits precisely and securely on the Pi Zero test pads PP1, PP6, PP22 and PP23
    * Once the Hub HAT is installed, do NOT use any of the micro-USB ports on the Pi Zero, i.e always provide power through the Hub HAT and connect USB devices to the Hub HAT
    * Make sure there is no OTG related driver installed in the OS that may interfere with the Hub HAT
    * Cannot plug a powered Hub into any of the USB-A ports on the Hub HAT
    * Make sure the power adapter used is powerful enough to drive the Pi Zero as well as the attached USB devices.  5V2A or above will be a good choice.

    Download Mechanical Drawing

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    1. Good Produkt, one suggestion for improvement

      Stacks on the Zero perfect. One suggestion: solder pads for the external power supply additionally to the usb port on 8th Feb 2021

    2. USB Hub that doesn't block the GPIO headers

      This USB hub goes _below_ the RasPi Zero W. So I can have both, GPIO for motor control, Ethernet (via USB dongle) and an Arduino Nano (connected via USB). on 3rd Dec 2020

    3. hats off

      terrific product. i now have a mouse, game controller, keyboard, thumbdrive, and external drive simultaneously. and my adaptors are free at last. on 16th Jan 2018

    4. Spettacolo!

      Con questa basetta semplice, geniale e funzionale, il mio raspberry p0 funziona che è uno spettacolo. Ottimo prodotto on 7th Jun 2017

    5. Works.....

      Bolted it together, powered up my PI Zero W and plugged in some USB devices. Simply put it works. Having the option to power the hub is nice as well but not needed for my purposes.
      on 12th Apr 2017

    6. Does what it says on the tin

      It does its job really well. The DC input is only necessary if you need a powered USB hub. (it does not also power the Pi itself, though, so if you need a powered hub you'll be running 2 power cables)

      Haven't had any problems running a keyboard + usb key unpowered. Haven't tried anything more intensive though - I'm just running raspbian minimal for an isolated command-line environment.
      on 15th Jan 2017

    7. Why I purchased this.

      I have two small children that on long road trips sometimes need a little entertainment. I had previously purchased (via Amazon) a makerspot kit for my Pi Zero that came with a micro USB 4 port hub, which was great for plugging in USB wireless and an external hard drive, however became too many wires for my comfort level.

      I purchased this item so that I could have a solid chassis for the child entertainer that would have the breakdown characteristics of that micro USB plug or its wire while also reducing the number of loose wires.

      When this item arrived it did exactly as expected and a slight bit extra. Thanks to the product I have a solid computer chassis (the size of a couple of packs of Trident gum stacked on top of each other), 4 standard USB A ports and a micro USB port in addition to the Pi Zero's single micro USB port.

      Five stars, before we subtract two stars for issues I have about this.

      In total I have three issues, since only two are hardware those are the reason I subtracted two stars. Here are the three issues in order of which they occurred.

      First; I'd ordered this hub prior to Christmas from in hopes that I'd get it early enough to put it to service for my families 2016 Christmas Trip. My kids would be in the vehicle for just over 3 hours during the trip and I'd planned on showing then movies via this small form computer. While their entertainment went of unhitch, thanks to my previous Makerspot purchase via Amazon, this purchase was not thru Amazon and instead arrived from Hong Kong a week after Christmas. Seeing as this was not an issue with hardware I did not subtract any stars for this, though if I did subtract a star it would be from Makerspot.

      Second; In researching this hardware add-on I looked at different sites, it came down to this one and the similar hardware from, I chose this one because the pictures did not show cheap nylon part to attached it where Adafrui did. Much to my surprise the screws, stand-offs and nuts it came with were all cheap nylon parts. That is hardware, goodbye star.

      Third; My previous Makerspot purchase included a slick case to protect my Pi Zero with a couple of acrylic shields that came with metal screws and nuts. Unfortunately, probably due to any inconsistencies at Makerspot, there was no reasonable way to re-attach my acrylic shields. The screws from the shield assembly were a different thickness than the nylon stand-offs. More importantly, the soldering that had been done on the bottom side of this part actually made it virtually impossible to attach the bottom shield onto the computer chassis as the gobs.of unsightly solder stuck too far to use the compatible screws and stand-offs. Goodbye second star.

      In the end the hardware functions beautifully in spite of its minor hardware flaws. I recommend this hardware to anyone wishing to expand their Raspberry Pi Zero's basic capabilities. As for me however, the issues of travel from Hong Kong combined with gobs of solder is more than I'd asked for and I'd order a similar hardware or this hardware again thru Amazon instead.
      on 9th Jan 2017

    8. Amazing Usb micro hub

      I connected it without any problems. I bought three just in case i buy some more of these Pi zero's. It works perfectly i don't need to add any extra power. on 12th Dec 2016

    9. Nice little thing

      Works flawlessly (after I understood to disable OTG mode from RPi zero).
      I love how I can now plug devices without having the RPi zero reseting itself every time I do that.
      I really like how the device is built to take as much space as possible and still protecting the circuit.

      The only change or improvement I wish the product would receive is that one of the USB ports would be moved to the side that has no connectors (opposite end of the side that has microUSB connector).
      on 2nd Dec 2016

    10. Not much to say, works flawlessly

      Got this with the value pack and the acrylic protector, and it just works. Effortless install with the pogo pins. on 6th Nov 2016

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